The San Marino Community Church Nursery School has been a true blessing to our family. Our 4-year-old twins (boy/girl) attended this year and thrived under the watchful care and compassion of their teachers. Though each of them has a very different personality, they both had an easy time learning and growing in maturity with their fellow students. Every afternoon I get to listen to them share passionately about what they learned that day. Some of my favorite conversations were the differences between mammals vs. reptiles, the process of a seed becoming a potato, good teamwork on the soccer field, how fun it is to be able to write their own name and the various, beautiful sounds that can be made with all sorts of instruments.

My husband is an alumnus of SMCCNS from years ago and he remembers loving the teachers, environment and learning…and he is still great friends with some of his classmates! We are thrilled that our children are loving their formative preschool years too, so much so that we plan send our twins again next year for TK, as well as our 3-year-old to the nursery school.

Each teacher and administrator at SMCCNS takes delight and pride in the work that they do, and we take delight in being a part of this blessed community.

~Alisa Yingling~

“Between our three children, our family was involved with SMCC Nursery School for 10 years running. We chose this nursery school because it has the perfect mix of welcoming warmth, explorative playtime, and preparatory instruction for which we were looking. All three of our children went on to attend one of the competetive private schools in the area. Each of our children is very different – we have a mix of both girls and boy, two very academic and one more sporty. Yet SMCC Nursery School laid a perfect foundation for each, sending them off extremely well-prepared for the rigors of our local private schools, as well as instilling a self-confidence that resides in them to this day. It was, quite simply, the perfect starting point for our children’s scholastic careers.”

~K. Parry~

SMCCNS not only taught the basic fundamentals needed to be successful in kindergarten, they instilled a curiosity and genuine desire to learn in all four of our children. Our kids are thriving in elementary school because of the tireless hours the teachers and staff continue to put in. Who knew early childhood education could be so impactful and formative!

~Joy Flores~