May 2014

MayLetter from the Director

After school on Friday, the custodian was taking a picture of a beautiful baby bird chirping away in a little nest tucked up in a tree in our courtyard. I know the year must be coming to a close, because this sight made me a little bit weepy. That bird in the tree not only reminded me of how much your children have changed over the course of this year, but my own children, as well. As I write this month’s newsletter article, I am preparing to send my oldest son off for a one-week trip to New York and Boston with his classmates. I know he is excited to go, and is well prepared to be away from home for the extended period of time. But his departure makes his “growing up” all the more real. I have been hit over the head with the fact that he is no longer 4, and my biggest worry is no longer that he is not getting enough sleep or that he is not sitting still long enough to sit and write with a pencil and paper.  I remember those days as if they were yesterday. Somehow, I have woken up, and he is off for an adventure away from the nest!

It is true when the “experts” and parents of older children tell you that the time goes so fast when your children are young. And it is also true, that the struggles that you may be facing on a day-to-day basis will soon pass. I would like to share with you a practice I learned from a friend of mine who is a Mindfulness Coach.

Find your calm place – your thinking place, your happy place; a quiet spot where you can be still and think, be grateful and listen to your inner voice. It takes practice to leave the chaos – but you will be glad that you have given yourself permission to do so. Near this place, you might consider placing a basket full of your favorite things – something you love to look at, something that you love the smell of, something that you love to touch and a picture of a wonderful memory. This is your Happy Basket or your Gratitude Basket. Whatever you would like to call it. And the items may change from week-to-week or month-to-month.

To slow down and give yourself a few moments of clarity is a wonderful gift that you give yourself and your children. The time goes so quickly, that we often get to the end of a school year, or the end of a calendar year, or to our own or a child’s birthday, and we realize that perhaps we not as “present” as we wish we had been in the past year. Teaching your children to be still, and grateful is a wonderful gift. What they see you do, they will do, as well.

Truly, enjoy this time with your children be grateful for the big moments, and the small ones. Snuggle in closely, read a few books, and kiss their heads. Maya Angelou said it best:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Jane Walker

Spring CoffeeJoin us for our Spring Coffee and Annual Meeting!

Save the date of May 20th at 9:15am  for our Spring Coffee and Annual Meeting. We hope you can join us for a relaxing morning among friends to celebrate the end of the year and vote into office next year’s Board. Don’t miss this fun tradition. See you there!

Parent Education Series

Thanks to all who joined us on Friday, April 25th to listen to words of wisdom from a group of funny smart Moms who have been through it.  One of the things I learned – it is important to have a mentor.  Listen to those who have been through it, you will always feel better.  Thank you to the room parents of Mrs. Talbot’s class for the delicious spread!  Congratulations to Joy Flores, the winner of our free picnic day raffle.  It was the perfect program to wrap up our year. Thanks to all who participated in Parent Education. Have a good summer everyone!

Hong Yoon Plurad
Parent Education Chair

SMCC Church Activities

Family Camp, June 13-15th, Big Bear California
What would it take for your family for 48 hours, to slow down and unplug, recharge and reconnect? SMCC Family Camp! Create lifelong memories this summer with many nursery school and church families. Registration forms available online

Family Camp Video

Mother’s Day – Free family picture in the church courtyard following the 9:00 AM worship services.

Vacation Bible School – Summer isn’t complete without a vacation, Vacation Bible School! VBS is a day camp for kids who want to grow in their faith, and have a blast while they’re doing it! What do you think of when you hear the word “Extraordinary?” Well as the “Extraordinary Animals” at our VBS will show us, extraordinary means “unique,” “special,” “one-of-a-kind”… and that’s a good thing! At VBS we want kids to discover that each of them is unique, and Jesus always loves them, even when they don’t feel like “part of the herd”! Parents and young adults we also welcome your help. Sign up today! $50 for ages 4 and up. Special 3-year-old group for kids of volunteers. Registration forms available online

Rev. Becca Bateman
Associate Pastor for Children’s Ministries
San Marino Community Church

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