May 2013

For the past few days, my husband, Eldon, and I have been in northern California taking care of Sam, our seven year old grandson, while his parents took a long-planned and relaxing vacation. Those seven years have gone by remarkably fast especially for us since we only see him three maybe four times a year. I often tell preschool mothers that the days are long but the years are short.  This time the days were long as we waited until 2:30 to pick Sam up from school – a snack, some homework, then off to Little League practice (or some other planned activity) then dinner, bath and in bed by 7:30 at the latest. We could not wait for the weekend – going to the zoo, the beach or just play some games and hang out together. Then, it was off to school on Monday.

I am writing about Sam and this stage of his life to prepare you for what is to come. Enjoy the precious preschool years and be glad you have chosen a half-day preschool.

By the way, one of the books I am reading is LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg – another day, another side to the story, another viewpoint, and perhaps another choice.

Nancy Swanson, Director

If I Knew Then What I Know Now
A Panel of Local Mothers Featuring Lisa Sloan, Lorrie Forgatch and Dr. Gail Ellis

Our three local mothers have experience raising children through all stages from birth to adulthood.  They will answer your questions and discuss their own experiences, successes and fumbles.  So come prepared with your questions!

Topics of discussion will include:
● Social / Emotional Challenges
● Academic Achievements, Challenge and Difficulties
● Developmental Challenges and Expectations

Featured questions will include:
● Public vs. private schools
● Regrets and lessons learned
● Success stories

Wednesday, May 8th
Time:  9:15 am – 11:30 am
Location: Fellowship Hall
RSVP Attendance is free but please sign-up!

Babysitting:   Sign-Up Sheets also located in the Courtyard.  $10 per child.  Please contact Joy Flores with any questions.

Please join us on Tuesday, May 14th at 9:15am in Fellowship Hall for our Spring Coffee. During this meeting, we take time to thank the Board members and room parents who contributed greatly to this school year.  We also introduce next year’s Nursery School Board members and vote them in. However, the highlight of the meeting is our spring speaker – Larry Garf.

Larry Garf returns to SMCC Nursery School this spring with his signature topic, “Hey, Quit Pushing!”  Larry has been teaching in the Human Development Department at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena since 1998. His teaching background also includes first and second grade, as well as special education (K-12). He is also the Child Development Specialist at Temple Israel of Hollywood Day School and Nursery School, in Los Angeles. Larry and his wife are the parents of college-age twins who attended a parent cooperative preschool, where Mr. Garf spent hundreds of happy and illuminating hours observing child development unfolding in a natural and unhurried way.

His writing and teaching primarily revolve around the fact that too many of today’s young children no longer have the opportunities his own children did: to develop and mature at their own pace. HEY, QUIT PUSHING: How We Put Children at Risk by Starting Academics Too Early, centers in on the negative consequences we create when we pressure our young children: elevated levels of anxiety and stress, but not higher academic achievement.

Be sure to join us for this enlightening, entertaining, and educational speaker!

A big “Thank You” to Mary Buckley and Amy Walker from Mrs. Randall’s class for the fantastic April fireman window. Please make sure to stop by to see the wonderful new May window Annabel Hom and Natalie Peterson from Mrs. Fitzhugh’s class have created!

Thank you for your generous clothing and shoe donations to the La Casa Community Center in San Gabriel. As of now, they have received five large boxes and four overflowing bags of clothing items. I will also be dropping off some school supplies, which the teachers are donating, and some tricycles that a few of our students have outgrown. Your support this year has been greatly appreciated.

Claire Hart, Scholarship Chair

Thanks to your wonderful donations to the Christmas Wish List, we are able to host, by popular demand, the “Animal Guy” again this May! This event is a delight for all the children as they learn about exotic animals from around the world.

Just in case you are planning away and filling up your calendar, if you will be joining us again next year, school is scheduled to begin Monday, September 9. Kick off Sunday will be held at church on Sunday, September 8.