May 2012

Those who say California has no weather were not around nursery school last week.  From 90 degrees one day to torrential rain the next! As you know we set up the children’s courtyard on rainy days but they have been so rare lately that the children seem to enjoy their extra play time, music time and stories in the classroom. It is very cozy here when we have “weather.”

Your teachers and I are in the throes of re-accreditation preparation. We know we are doing the right thing. We know we will be glad when we are re-accredited. We know that no gain comes without a little pain. We know that. Fortunately, we work together as a team, maintain our senses of humor and support each other. We are taking pictures and documentation to show that we do what we say we do. We are plowing through some of the educational jargon to get to the point. I personally could not be more blessed with a staff of such diligent, steady and remarkably smart teachers. We work here because we love the children and families we serve. Pursuing accreditation is one way we can prove that the quality of San Marino Community Church Nursery School exists. We believe we have the best nursery school but also believe in improvement that benefits everyone.

I hope you are enjoying your parent/teacher conferences as your teachers so enjoy talking to you about your children.

Looking ahead to summer in no time!
Nancy Swanson


Our spring coffee speaker, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, has written a fabulous book! If you are interested in purchasing her best selling book, The Whole Brain Child, there is still time. Please turn in your form to the envelope on Mrs. Swanson’s door by May 14 and you will get your book at the Spring Coffee. 20% of sales go directly to SMCC Nursery School.

Thank you,
Cynthia Chylinski
Enrichment Chair

Thank you to all who brought clothes and shoes to donate to La Casa Community Center in our annual Spring Clothing Drive last week! It was a huge success and we were able to donate so many wonderful items. Everyone at La Casa is so appreciative and sends their regards to each of you who donated. Thank you again for such a great turn out.

Allison McCrosky
Scholarship Chair

Our nursery school is very fortunate to be able to access and enjoy the South Lawn for after-class activities and lunches. This year our children have already enjoyed lunch-play times and Easter egg hunts at the South Lawn, and there are some last-day-of-school parties being planned. Reserving the South Lawn is very easy. There is a monthly calendar in Mrs. Swanson’s office for the Room Parents to be able to sign-up for the South Lawn. Thank you for working with us to ensure everyone gets use of this special space.

Jeanne Munoz
Room Parent Coordinator

On Thursday, April 19th, two performances of “Fun and Discovery with Bubbles” were held in Westminster Hall.  All classes present on Thursday attended this special event.  Teachers took lots of pictures and the children enjoyed the “bubble girl” immensely.  Thank you to all families who contributed to our Christmas Wish List – you made this experience possible!