March 2016

Letter from the Director

“I didn’t Do It!”

Right about now, in the spring, children seem to come awake. Especially three and four year olds. The parental stress of the holidays are well behind us, and we are simply coasting into Spring Break and beginning to think about the lazy days of summer. This might be the time when children are beginning to understand right from wrong. We know this is starting to happen when we hear them say, “I didn’t do it!” Denying involvement in something that had a negative effect, is the first clue in knowing your child is developing a sense of what is right, and what is wrong. Do not berate them for denying culpability, instead, know inside that they are becoming aware of the world, and may someday be a great story teller!

Learning to take responsibility for their actions is a difficult task for little children. Being accountable for actions and making amends is an important part of developing self-control. Parents do well when they help children accept responsibility by using consequences as part of their guidance methods. There are two kinds of consequences: natural and logical.

With natural consequences, things just happen as a result of the child’s actions.   Parents don’t have to do much about this, other than perhaps verbalize cause and effect: “Hmmm— guess things fall down when they’re not put away in the right place. Better get that fixed.” There is more of a role for parents in devising the logical consequences that provide the needed experience to help a child correct an error or make amends for actions. It’s important to understand that we are talking not about finding an appropriate punishment, but rather structuring a learning situation for the child that links behavior and the necessary resulting action. A matter-of-fact attitude helps children understand that fixing mistakes is just one of the things that people have to do. So it is: “I know you didn’t mean to spill the milk, Emma, but it needs to be cleaned up. Here’s the sponge.” Or: “When you grabbed the book away from the baby, you made her fall and bump her hand. What can you do to make her feel better?”

Logical consequences avoid the temptation for us to devise an appropriate lecture or sermon, and also prevent our increasing children’s guilt feelings. Setting them up to lie is not effective, either. “Who spilled the milk?” You likely know the answer, they know the answer, so why test them? Stating the obvious and offering help will teach them much more in the long run, than to set them up to not pass your “honesty test”.

As we concentrate on helping children follow through on accepting responsibility, we all avoid the blame game, with us pointing fingers and children feeling the need to deny culpability.  Rather, let’s go with no-fault policies that don’t focus on pointing fingers, but on finding solutions. Not a bad lesson for both parents and kids.

Jane Walker
San Marino Community Church Nursery School


Spring Clothing Drive
It’s Spring Cleaning Time!..This April plan to clean out your closets and bring your gently used children’s clothing sized infant- size 12 to nursery school the week of April 12-15th for our Spring Clothing Drive benefitting La Casa Community Center children and their families.

Collection boxes will be placed outside of the main office for your convenience! Thank you in advance for your support!

Kelly Studer, Scholarship Chair


Reduce, Reuse, Reread



Join us in teaching our kids the value of recycling and the joys of a new book by donating your gently loved books to our spring fundraiser!

Prize tokens given for every 5 donated books to be redeemed on April 21st and 22nd.

A collection box can be found outside the front office.  We are gratefully accepting all genres. So clean out those bookshelves, dust off those books and donate them for a great cause. Your kids!

Shea Najafi, Book Fair Chair


Annual Fund
Thank you to the following donors for their contributions to the Annual Fund! As we think about the end of the year, what better way to thank your teachers than to contribute to the Annual Fund where your donation will go directly to enhancing our campus and the experience our kids have here. Even if this is your last semester at SMCCNS, consider leaving a legacy gift to commemorate your time. We are aiming for 100% participation this year, so please donate any amount. Envelopes are available outside Mrs. Walker’s office.

Thank you!
Allison McCroskey, Annual Fund Chair

Platinum Donors
Lisa Nguyen and David Lee
The Tracey Family
Haley Rhee
Graydon and Siena Felgner

Gold Donors
Ken and Lori Schumann
Francesca and Brandon Gill
Howard Shen and Julianne Chun

Silver Donors
Renita and James Lin
The Poole Family
The Lopez Family
The Hoecker Family
The Segimoto Family
The Todd Family
The Mellis Family
The Najafi Family
The O’Mara Family
Be Happy
Ryan and Stephanie McLean
The Merryman Family
The Thomassen Family

Bronze Donors
Anakarino Lara
Ken and Nicole Hsu
Lily Alexanderson
Elliott and Allis Henry
The McCroskey Family
Lauren Suh


Picnic Day Sign-up for April
Mark your calendars!  Our next online Picnic Day sign-up will open on Friday, March 18th at 10 am.  This sign-up will be for April Picnic Days.

Please remember that payment is due by 12 pm on Tuesday, March 22nd.  Checks should be made payable to San Marino Community Church Nursery School.  Please indicate your child’s name and the dates for which he/she is signed up on the check/note attached.  Please contact me with any questions.

Debbie Merryman, Picnic Day Chair


February Window Display

Thank you for the heartfelt window display from Mrs. Perth’s Class this month. We loved the fun Valentine theme put together by Tracey Spiegel and Bernadette Marjanovic.

Kristen Todd, Window Coordinator


Upcoming Dates



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14         BOARD Meeting (9:15 a.m.) Community Room

16         Staff In-Service – No School (morning Conferencing available)

18         Picnic Day Sign Up for April (Payments due Tuesday, March 22)

25         Good Friday NO SCHOOL

28        Easter Monday NO SCHOOL




12        School Resumes

12-15  Clothing Drive

18        BOARD meeting (9:15 a.m.) Community Room

19-20 Chapel (8:30 a.m.) Community Room

21-22 Reduce, Reuse, Reread Book Event

22        Picnic Day Sign Up for May

19-29 Parent/Teacher Conferences – Schedule to Follow