June 2015

Letter From the Director

images-2Dear Parents-

Summer is upon us.  I could go on and on about how it seems like just yesterday I was sitting down to write the Welcome back to School edition of my letter, but I will not bore you with that.  You will get the “Oh my, how time flies!” lecture plenty during your tenure as a parent to young children.  Suffice it to say, this was an extraordinary year at Nursery School.  I am amazed by the growth in the children – in both their capabilities and in their resiliency.

Our Parent Education Series was a big hit, and I thank all of our parents who helped to organize the meetings, and those who attended.  Our school is certainly made up of many caring individuals.

We have added some new Enrichment opportunities to our calendar over the last two years, and they have been huge crowd pleasers.  Both Pump and Splash and Rhythm Child added developmentally appropriate and fun hands-on learning experiences – and were a lot of fun!  Animal Guys visits are always a big hit.  Thank you for your continued support and donations to our Annual Fund!  Your donations make all of these learning opportunities possible.  While our tuition rates cover the operating costs of the school (teacher salaries, rent to the church, cleaning staff, etc.), it is the generosity of our Annual Fund Donors that makes all of the additional experiences and purchases possible.  We have added new toys to the classrooms and play yards, as well as books to the library, and vegetables in the classroom planter boxes.  Thank you, for helping our dreams come true.

Summer is often a time to say good-bye to families who have spent quite a bit of time with us.  To our families who are moving on to the world of “big school,” we wish you all the best in your new chapter.  We hope you will bring your children back for many visits.  We hope they never lose their sense of wonderment and curiosity, and their zest for learning.  As things get crazier as they get older, remember to slow down to the Nursery School pace of life.  Take a snack break, hold hands, and read and sing together every day – Kitchen Dance Parties are fun even when your kids are 12! Know that we will miss you, and look forward to your return to show us their toothless grins and taller physiques.

Have a very happy summer!

Jane Walker, Director


Family Survey

Dear Families, just a quick reminder to please complete the Family Survey by Wednesday, June 3rd.  Thanks to all of you who have already done so!  We currently need approximately 15 more families to participate.  Again, the survey will take you no more than 3 minutes.  Thank you!


Debbie Merryman, President


Room Parents







Thank you to all the Room Moms for the 2014-2015 school year:

Theresa Patzakis
Kalia Petmeckey
Natalie O’Connor
Kelly Paulus
Ann Pearson
Gabby Beavais
Cat Yeh
Nicole Hsu
Kirsten Poole
Jessica Martignetti
Audrey McCarthy
Frances Alexanderson
Anita Lee


Summer Fun Days T-Shirts

This year the t-shirts will be a fun apple green color and can be purchased for $15 each.  Order forms were sent home in cubbies last week.  Please turn in your orders & payments to the Director’s office by June 9th.  This is a great way to soak up the Otter Pop residue and also support our school!  Thank you!

Ivy Lee, Merchandise Sales


Last Day of School

Thursday, June 4:  Last day of school for Tuesday/Thursday classes

Friday, June 5:  Last day of school for Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Monday-Friday classes


Fun Fair

7735ffe5-4a15-400a-ae1a-8d9fa4d08c73Tuesday, June 9 @ 10:30 – 11:30am:  Fun Fair for all Tuesday/Thursday classes, Mrs. Brown’s class, and Mrs. Eaton/Mrs. Chang’s classes

Wednesday, June 10 @ 10:30 – 11:30am:  Fun Fair for all Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes and Mrs. Talbot’s class


Summer Fun Days begin Tuesday, June 16!

imagesSession I  (June 16 – July 2)
Session II  (July 7 – 23)

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00am – 1:00pm.

A limited number of spaces are available in Session II, please contact the Director for more information.


Favorite Things to Do During the Summer


  • Picnic at the Hollywood Bowl
  • Make home-made ice cream
  • Stay cool at Pasadena Ice Skating Center
  • Kids Summer Studio at Armory Center for the Arts
  • Freeze yummy fruits and eat it for afternoon snacks
  • Sing out loud at Chirp Karaoke Cafe
  • Children’s concert series at Levitt Pavilion