June 2013

WOW!! There have been so many wonderful surprises these past few days. Words cannot express how grateful I am to all of you for your kind words. I will be spending the first month of my retirement writing thank you notes!

Jane Walker will be coming on board Monday, June 3. She will be with us for the last two weeks of class. She will be available Monday and Tuesday for an informal “Meet and Greet.” This will be such a fine opportunity for you to stop by and meet Jane. She is a delightful young woman, mother of three growing sons and brings such excellent experience and knowledge of child development and early childhood education to our school. I could not be happier in the selection of a new director for our precious school.

My best wishes to all of you. I know we will be running into each other often. Please stay in touch. I love to hear how your children are doing.

With much appreciation,
Nancy Swanson

Wildlife Learning Center (known by the children as “The Animal Guys”) presented a display of exotic animals to the children on Friday, May 31. Some of the animals were petted and some were not! Photos are displayed on the bulletin board in the courtyard. Thank you to all who contributed to the Christmas Wish List fund for this very special event.

This year was a wonderfully successful year due in part to the hard work and dedication of the Nursery School Board.

Vice President → Joy Flores
Secretary → JiJi Park
Treasurer → Debbie Kurtz
Admissions → Allison McCrosky
Scholarship → Claire Hart
Picnic Day → Debbie Merryman
Hospitality → Mary Buckley & Joelle Grossi
Newsletter → Carrie Walker
Publicity → Mikah O’Mara
Nutrition → Nicole Anido
Room Parents → Rosemary Lay
Book Fair → Cynthia Chylinski & Hong Yoon Plurad
Merchandise Sales → Natalie O’Connor
Wish List → Janice Segimoto
Window Coordinator → Jessica Martignetti
Campus Beautification → Julie Wong
Parent Education → Judy Rivera
Advisor → Ginger Bercaw

From the Fall Coffee, to the Book fair, to the Spring Coffee, and all the work for Nancy’s retirement celebration – you were amazing! Thank you for your time, thoughts, feedback, and support. I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Colleen McGuinness, President

President → Allison McCrosky
Vice President→ Joy Flores
Secretary → JiJi Park
Treasurer → Debbie Kurtz
Admissions → Nicole Anido
Scholarship → Colleen McGuinness
Picnic Day → Jessica Martignetti
Hospitality → Mary Buckley & Ann Pearson
Newsletter → Debbie Merryman
Publicity → Mikah O’Mara
Nutrition → Hilary Kingston
Room Parents → Rosemary Lay
Enrichment → Cynthia Chylinski & Natalie O’Connor
**Note: Enrichment includes Book Fair and Merchandise Sales
Wish List → Danica Hughes
Window Coordinator → Maren Hoecker
Advisor → Colleen McGuinness

The SMCC Nursery School Board of Directors approved the following Tuition rates for 2013-14 school year:

Class     Deposit       Fall           Spring      Total
2 Day    $262            $917          $1,179      $2,358
3 Day     $368           $1,288      $1,656      $3,312
5 Day     $630           $2,205      $2,835      $5,670

These tuition rates include a 5% increase over the current year. The tuition change was determined necessary to cover the increased cost of the school operations. Fall Tuition statements will be sent out in September. If you have any questions please contact the Treasurer, Debbie Kurtz, at deborahkurtz@sbcglobal.net or 626-287-6341.

Thank you Room Parents, for all that you have done to enhance our children’s year. The nursery school community has enjoyed the creative window displays, the fun play dates and parties, the classroom crafts and projects, and all the updated information sent to everyone. Your time, dedication and enthusiasm is truly appreciated!

Rosemary Lay, Room Parent Coordinator

Mrs. Talbot’s M-F Class – Elsie Wong and Sean Ky
Mrs. Brown’s M-F Class – Jeannie Kim and Erin Shearin
Mrs. Fitzhugh’s M/W/F Class – Annabel Hom and Natalie Petersen
Mrs. Randall’s M/W/F Class – Mary Buckley and Amy Walker
Mrs. Conkling’s M/W/F Class – Sheryl Brown and Jessica Martignetti
Mrs. Perth’s Tu/Th Class – Dawn Fagot and Ivy Lee-Keltner
Mrs. Conkling’s Tu/Th Class – Anita Tao-Huang and Alice King
Mrs. Randall’s Tu/Th Class – Susan Chang and Malia Griffice