June 2012

Thank you to Ginger Bercaw and the wonderful board for all their help, enthusiasm and commitment to our school. A big plus for me was how much fun I had working with everyone. I also want to thank the loyal room parents for all your e-mails and correspondence. The windows were amazing. I hope you all had a chance to hear the “oooohs” and “aaaaahs” from the children when a new window came up.

I have been truly blessed to get to know your children and the families here at the school over the years. Each year is a precious gift. I know our teaching staff feels the same way because I hear them – especially this time of the year when we get ready to say “goodbye” to so many. We wish you all the very best as you venture on to the BIG school wherever that may be. Your children are ready for more adventure and have just begun to outgrow us. I mean that literally. Many now have to duck when they walk under the play structures in the big yard!

Have a wonderful summer and to those who are coming back, we can’t wait to welcome you in September and hear all about your summer running under the sprinklers, going outside to see the full moon, having popsicles everyday and playing, playing, playing.

Most sincerely,
Nancy Swanson

The close of another wonderful year at SMCCNS is upon us. Thank you, Room Parents, for all that you have done to enhance our children’s year. The nursery school community has enjoyed the creative window displays, the fun play dates and parties, the crafts that you helped to prepare, the cookies and treats, and all your efforts in making this a great year.

Mrs. Talbot’s Monday-Friday Class
Erin Lamb and Ann Pearson

Mrs. Brown’s Monday-Friday Class
Ellen Tsang and Maren Pellant

Mrs. Fitzhugh’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday Class
Mariver Copeland and Gisela Galan

Mrs. Randall’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday Class
May Wu and JiJi Park

Mrs. Conkling’s Monday/Wednesday/Friday Class
Susu Mulet Bernstein and Jaime Gertmenian

Mrs. Perth’s Tuesday/Thursday Class
Julie Lee and Rosemary Lay

Mrs. Conkling’s Tuesday/Thursday Class
Nancy Ko, Brenda Salinas and Hong Yoon Plurad

Mrs. Randall’s Tuesday/Thursday Class
Maren Hoecker and Leah Schildknecht

2012-2013 SMCCNS BOARD
Our new SMCCNS Board was voted in at the Spring Coffee on May 22, 2012, as follows:

President       Colleen McGuinness
Vice President      Joy Flores
Secretary        JiJi Park
Treasurer       Debbie Kurtz
Admissions        Allison McCroskey
Scholarship        Claire Hart
Hospitality       Mary Buckley and Joelle Grossi
Newsletter        Carrie Walker
Publicity        Mikah O’Mara
Nutrition        Nicole Anido
Room Parents       Rosemary Lay
Enrichment       Cynthia Chylinski and Hong Yoon Plurad
T-Shirts        Natalie O’Connor
Equipment        Janice Segimoto
Window Coordinator      Jessica Martignetti
Parent Education       Judy Rivera
Campus Beautification      Julie Wong
Advisor        Ginger Bercaw

Thank you for volunteering to lead with us next year!

Each year we must evaluate the school’s income and expenses. Sometimes that means we need to increase our tuition to meet the demands necessary. The board of directors approved the following tuition rates for the 2012-2013 school year:

Fall Tuition (amount excludes the 1st month deposit already paid with application)
2 day $875
3 day $1,225
5 day $2,100

Spring Tuition
2 day $1,125
3 day $1,575
5 day $2,700

Tuition statements will be issued at the start of the school year. Fall tuition will be due in full on or before the 15th day of the semester. For any questions, please contact the Treasurer.

Debbie Kurtz
Treasurer, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013

Summer is just arriving, but before we know it school will be back in session. If you are returning to school, please note these dates below so you are ready when the “back to school” season hits!

Wednesday, September 12     First day of school for MWF and Five day children
Thursday, September 13     First day of school for Tuesday/Thursday children
Tuesday, September 18     Fall Coffee – 9:15 – Fellowship Hall
Friday, September 21     Picnic Day sign up for October
October 1 -5     Photo Days