February 2016

Letter from the Director



Have you ever noticed that children love to be heard? They really want to be seen. They want us adults to know that they are here, that they have something to say or share. They spend a lot of time trying to get our attention. They do not always require loads of praise or applause, but a simple acknowledgment that they are seen and appreciated can go a long way. At Nursery School, your teachers work very hard to create and environment where children feel seen and appreciated. Your children are engaged with adults and children in the classroom, and they have a lot of choices to make on a daily basis. Giving children the opportunity to choose what they will do and where they will go allows them to learn to trust their judgment, and lets them know we trust them to make good decisions.

Children learn best when they come to conclusions on their own. A good teacher will give a child the tools he or she needs in order to process a problem, will gently guide them until they arrive at a solution. One way we do this at Nursery School, is with I Wonder statements. I Wonder statements help to promote independent thinking, imagination and discovery. When reading a story, a teacher might pause and ask the children, “I wonder what will happen next?” or “I wonder how this character is feeling?” After a conflict with a sibling or a friend, we can ask, “I wonder what you can do differently next time.”

In February we will talk a lot about love, family and friendship. We will celebrate Valentine’s Day in a very low key, age appropriate way, with Cookie Days. Please do not send your child to school with Valentine cards for their friends, as they will celebrate together and make special tokens of friendship for their friends at school.

What a great time to develop a special Valentine’s ritual in your home to show your child how much you appreciate them. A few years ago, I began giving each of my children a book on Valentine’s Day. A few of my favorites so far have been- I Wish You More, Let Me Hold You Longer, I Love you More and More, and The Wonderful Things You Will Be. There are so many more to choose from, a quick walk down the aisles at Vroman’s and I am sure you will find the perfect book for your child. I wonder what family rituals your family shares on Valentine’s Day………

Jane Walker


2016-2017 Admissions

We are well on our way to accepting applications for all students for the 16-17 school year. We have an open house coming up on February 18th at 10am for perspective students. We would also love current parents to volunteer, whether it be baking goods, bringing fruit or greeting perspective parents. Please contact me if you available to help. We are expecting a good turnout for this open house.

Applications for returning/currently-enrolled students are due February 19th for priority enrollment. Applications will be put in your child’s cubbies this week or are also available in Jane’s office. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at kirsten@kmpinteriors.com.

Kirsten Poole, Admissions


Spring Semester Tuition

The Spring semester begins February 1st and tuition statements will be distributed this week to your children’s classroom cubbies. Payments are due by February 15th. Please contact Renita Lin, Treasurer, at 310-614-6299 or renitaolivia@gmail.com with any tuition questions.

Renita Lin, Treasurer

Picnic Day Sign-up

Mark your calendars! Our next online Picnic Day sign-up will open on Friday, February 19th at 10am. This sign-up will be for the month of March.

Please remember payment is due by 12 noon the following Tuesday, February 23rd. Checks should be made payable to San Marino Community Church Nursery School. Please indicate your child’s name and the days you are signing up for on the check or on a note attached to the check. If you must make a cash payment, please attach a note to indicate which family the payment should be credited to and for what dates. Please contact me with any questions.

Debbie Merryman, Picnic Day Chair

January Window Display

Thank you Mrs. Chang’s class, especially Cassie Woods, for such a fun Window Display for January. It was Udderly adorable!

Kristen Todd, Window Coordinator




Important Upcoming Dates


8        BOARD Meeting (9:15 a.m.) Community Room

10/11  VALENTINE’ S DAY Cookie Days



18       OPEN HOUSE for Perspective Families 10:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m.

19       Picnic Day Sign Up for March (payments due Tuesday, February23)





14       BOARD Meeting (9:15 a.m.) Community Room

16       Staff In-Service – No School (morning Conferencing available)

18       Picnic Day Sign Up for April (Payments due Tuesday, March 22)

25       Good Friday NO SCHOOL

28       Easter Monday NO SCHOOL