February 2013

Our new year is off to a great start, however we want to remind you of a few safety issues at school.  We love the fact that parents at our school are friendly and enjoy talking with each other. However, your teachers and I are concerned about the safety of children after they have been signed out and school has closed.  We are asking for your help in supervising your children once they are signed out but still on the school premises in front of the building.

On Friday afternoon, January 18, after school was closed, it was brought to my attention that the decomposed granite in the front of the church had been damaged.   Nursery school children were seen playing there and throwing chunks of the granite, which hit the building and piled up in front of the door to the Community Room. This was not only destruction of property but also dangerous to the safety of the children since the chunks thrown were heavy and had sharp edges. We worry about children running in the parking lot, climbing trees, and especially throwing chunks of decomposed granite.

We work to keep your children safe for the three hours they are with us (or in the case of picnic day six hours). We keep them safe but still allow them to play, climb and run while being well supervised during school hours. A suggestion for after school might be Lacy Park or the South Lawn, but only with supervision.

We really appreciate your respecting our concern for your children.  Thank you so much.

Nancy Swanson, Director

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on the days below. For those signed up to bring snacks, please bring one treat and a special napkin to mark the occasion.

Wednesday, February 13 – for Monday/Wednesday/Friday Classes

Thursday, February 14 – Monday – Friday Classes and Tuesday/Thursday Classes

Please remember that SMCCNS has a policy of No Valentine’s Day card exchanges. Your class can have a party outside of school (on the south lawn, at a park, at someone’s home, etc.), but the exchange of cards/candies is prohibited on campus. Thank you!

Nicole Anido, Nutrition Chair

Please join us on Tuesday, February 5th for “Power Struggles” with Pasadena City College’s Parent Education Teacher, and Marriage and Family Therapist, Maribeth Henry.

Life with your child doesn’t have to be a perpetual battleground!  With Maribeth’s guidance you will learn to identify your child’s key traits, personality type and why he reacts the way that he does.  While also learning about your own personality and your reactions to your child, you will gain key insight into daily challenges.  With new knowledge and techniques you will both be able to face every day challenges with confidence.

The Community Room
9:15am – 11:30am
RSVP:  Please put your name on the RSVP list if you are planning to attend.
Babysitting:  If you are in need of child care, please put your child’s name on the Babysitting Sign-Up Sheet or email Joy Flores directly – joycedawnbon@aol.com.  $10 per child.

It’s almost time to re-enroll your students for the 2013-2014 school year! Applications for siblings (new to the school) and new students are available in the courtyard or from Nancy Swanson. **Sibling and new student applications are due by February 28.**

Applications for returning/currently-enrolled students will be available on March 28 and will be due by April 26. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Allison McCroskey, Admissions chair allison.j.mccroskey@gmail.com.

Parents, mark your calendars, set an alert in your phone and bring your checkbooks!  Picnic Day sign-ups are on February 21 (Thursday only) and February 22 this month at 9 am.  Picnic Days are filling up quickly, so be sure to arrive on time to insure your first choice(s).

A big “Thank You!” to Ivy Lee-Keltner and Dawn Fagot from Mrs. Perth’s class for the fantastic January snowman window.

Please make sure to stop by to see the wonderful new February window Sean Ky and Elsie Wong from Mrs. Talbot’s class have created!

Mrs. Brown, Miss Liao, Mrs. Chang, and Mrs. Madrigal-Moulton are pleased to announce that we will be offering the SMCC Nursery School Summer Program again this year!  Currently enrolled students (including those “graduating”) are eligible to participate in the program.

It will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am – 12pm from June 18 – July 25.  In March, we will be sending home forms with more information.  Sign ups will be weekly, payment will be due in advance, and there will be no refunds due to changes in schedule.

Again, more information will be forthcoming in March, but we wanted to announce the program in case it figured into your summer planning. Should you have any questions, please contact Nancy Swanson.

Our Adopt-A Family program was such a success this year that we wanted to share with you parts of the letter we received from La Casa in thanks for your generosity.

“Dear Families,
Thank you so much for your kindness in adopting five families from La Casa de San Gabriel Community Center.  Your thoughtfulness and generosity are very much appreciated by all of us, and will help create a joyous Christmas for them….

We are working hard to help the adults and children who come to us for assistance. These families are struggling but continue to have hope, becaue of your help and because they have a strong sense of family and community…

The Board, staff and volunteers of La Casa join me in thanking you for your help, and wishing you a peaceful and blessed holiday season.

With appreciation,
Cheryl Prentice, CEO”

Thanks to your generous donations, we will be able to purchase so many new educational tools and toys for our children to enjoy.  We have ordered the following items so far, per the teachers’ requests:

Set of soft & pose-able families
Magnetic counting maze
Draw & write touch boards
“Keep It Safe” traffic signs
Set of hands on math trays
Fun fruit counters
Magnetic designer with pattern cards
Game hoops

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to the Christmas Wish List and helped to make this all possible!

Janice Segimoto, Wish List Chair