December 2015

Letter from the Director

Hello Families!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and despite the tragic events that took place in Paris and other places around the world last week, we have much to be grateful for. For some advice on how to talk to your children about the bombings, I recommend this article by Betsy Brown Braun:

One of the things we are all grateful for this time of year is Family, isn’t it? Last year, I was fortunate enough to hear Reverend Ron (Skeeter) Eckert speak at our school about Family Rituals. Since his talk, I’ve reflected about what makes a family. I don’t mean the obvious things about blood and legal relationships. What I mean is this: the invisible bonds that hold some families together closely, even as time and distance separate us. Obviously, there are things like attachment, emotional commitment, shared experiences and memories, both happy and not so happy. Through reflection and that talk with Skeeter, I have realized that another of the connecting threads is the establishment of family traditions.

What woTurkey 07rds come to your mind when you hear that word- tradition? What is it that you are looking forward to at Thanksgiving? Is it your grandmother’s rolls, or your mom’s stuffing? As a child did you help mash the potatoes, and perhaps now you look forward to sharing that experience with your children? What are your family birthday traditions? Do you prepare your child’s favorite breakfast and eat it together in bed? What about the more regular and daily rituals? Did your family enjoy a delicious brunch after worship services on the weekends?

In listening to Skeeter, I realized that in my family, we have created many traditions over the years, sometimes without being intentional about it. As time goes on, we have realized that some things are just too fun to only do one time! Sometimes, we have done it intentionally because we have wanted to create that shared sense of “we’re all in this together, aren’t we?” that I believe is the essence of family.

Traditions do not have to be a “big deal” or formal. Often it is the little things. One family, during Skeeter’s talk, shared that they enjoy chocolate chip pancakes every Monday, “just because.” Some traditions are not big, nothing important to anyone but those of us who smile and know that this is what we “always” do. It’s the “always doing”, the repetition, that means something only to us, that helps us define what we share as a family. Think about what you are already doing, and what you can do to enhance that sense of “we” in your household.

Enjoy the season. Be good to one another (and yourself!) and think about how we can all help our communities and those who are suffering. Many blessings to you and your families during this busy time!

Jane Walker, Director



chirstmas treeIt’s that time again! During the weeks of December 7th-14th, we will be having our Adopt-A-Family Program. This program benefits families in need through the La Casa Community Center in San Gabriel. The Center is a resource for the community as well as a preschool. Each of the five nursery school classrooms is given a family to adopt for the holiday season. It has been a great success and the participation from our school has been incredible! Please be on the look out for your Adopt-A-Family which will be posted on your child’s classroom door during the weeks mentioned above!

Happy Holidays!

Kelly Studer, Scholarship Chair


Picnic Day


Mark your calendars!  Our next online Picnic Day sign-up will open on Friday, December 11th at 10am.  This sign-up will be for the month of January.
Please remember payment is due by 12 noon the following Tuesday, December 15th.  Checks should be made payable to San Marino Community Church Nursery School. Please indicate your child’s name and the days you are signing up for on the check or on a note attached to the check.  If you must make a cash payment, please attach a note to indicate which family the payment should be credited to and for what dates.  Please contact me with any questions.

Debbie Merryman, Picnic Day Chair


Parent Education


SMCC Parent Education series welcomes Dr. Ginger Bercaw on the evening of January 21st at the home of Debbie Merryman.

Ginger Bercaw is a couples therapist and founder of The California Center for Healing in Pasadena, CA.  Ginger is a nationally recognized relationship expert.  Moms and Dads will get a fresh perspective on the value of relationship and a night away from the kiddos!
Meghan McCarty, Parent Education Chair

November Window Display


We are so thankful for the charming window display this month by Mrs. Brown’s class, created by room parents Debbie Merryman and Kelly Paulus!

Many thanks,
Kristen Todd,  Window Coordinator


Annual Fund

Please Give to the SMCC Nursery School Annual Fund this Holiday Season!

The holidays are the perfect time to give to the people that you love. This year, we hope you consider a gift to our Annual Fund to show your love to our sweet school. While you can give any time of the year, we remind you that your gift is tax-deductible and a great way to close out a wonderful 2015 at SMCC Nursery School. Each year, the director works with our staff to make a wish list and this year we are excited to use the funds to add lofts in some of the classrooms and to take the learning outside with a new Learning Garden in the courtyard. Starting in December, you will see our Annual Fund Snowman at the entrance at school and we encourage you to leave your gift there anytime. Once again, we thank the families that have already donated and we encourage others to help us reach the goal of 100% participation and $10,000 raised by June 1. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Thank you,

Allison McCroskey, Annual Fund Chair


Important Upcoming Dates



11            Picnic Day Sign Up for January (Payment Due Tuesday, December 15)

17           CHRISTMAS PARTIES (10:30 a.m.) T. Th. Classes And Mrs. Brown’s Class (Classrooms)

18           CHRISTMAS PARTIES (10:30 a.m.) MWF Classes





5              School Resumes

11            BOARD Meeting (9:15 a. m.) Community Room


19            Staff In-Service- No School (morning conferencing available)

22           Picnic Day Sign Up for February (Payments due Tuesday, January 26)


9:00 – 10:00 a.m. T. Th. Classes & Mrs. Brown’s & Mrs. Chang’s Classes

10:30 – 11:30 a.m. M.W.F. Classes & Mrs. Talbot’s Class