December 2011


Dear Parents,
As we approach this wonderful holiday season once again, your teachers and I thank you for the pleasure of teaching and caring for your children here at Nursery School.

Our Christmas parties will begin in the classrooms at 10:30 a.m.  School does not open until 10:30 on that day.  Your children have helped decorate their classrooms and you will be able to take home decorations as well.  We hope you enjoy them and keep them over the years as a memory of Nursery School.   You will receive a song book program also.

At about 10:35 we will walk together up to the church sanctuary where we will sing a few songs together.  Your children will be asked if they wish to come forward to hear a story read by the Reverend Jeffrey O’Grady, pastor of San Marino Community Church.  Some children may be hesitant about coming forward.  That is just fine.  They are perfectly welcome to stay with their parents in the pews.

We ask that there be no photography in the church sanctuary at this time.  There will be many opportunities in the classrooms for pictures.

Singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” we will return to the classrooms for refreshments, more singing and frivolity.   Santa Claus will be available for a visit in the Church Lounge from 11:30 until 12:30.  If your child would like to see him, please enter by the front door for your turn.  Please bring your own camera for this photo opportunity.

In closing, I want to wish you and your family a blessed and meaningful Christmas season.  We pray for peace on earth and thank God for His never-ceasing love and hope through the gift of children.

Nancy Swanson

Once a year, we have the opportunity to give back to our school by giving to the Christmas Wish List.  The funds raised go towards improvements, special items needed in the classrooms and fun programs that will enrich our children’s learning.

There were a few structural repairs and maintenance needed this year to keep our playgrounds nice and safe:

****New pillars supporting the playsets

*****New steps and ladders that have decayed

****Sanding and refinishing of the doghouse, outdoor cabinet, some steps, and the car in the small yard

In addition, some of the funds will be used to purchase new learning tools for the classrooms and outdoor yard.  This year the teachers recommend an outdoor ramp and a new Kids Balance to enrich our children’s creative play.  Other activities funded by the Christmas Wish LIst are special programs such as Discovery with Bubbles, RIse and Sing Music, and the Animal Guy.

On Monday, December 5th, our Wish List snowman will be displayed at the entrance into the nursery school.  You will receive a letter with a donation envelope in your child’s cubby.

Please donate and show your support to keep our nursery school the wonderful special place it is!

Sean Ky
Equipment Chair

You may have noticed the Giving Tree’s outside your child’s classroom have arrived. And I’m thrilled that not many gifts are left! If you haven’t already, please choose a gift  that you’d like to donate to help a local family have a great Christmas. On each tree, there are a variety of ornaments with either a gift request for a child in the family (the name, age, and clothing size will be provided), or a cash/check donation, which will go towards food and gift certificates for each family. San Marino Community Church Nursery School has adopted five needy families from La Casa Community Center this Christmas and this is a wonderful opportunity to help local families in need.

After you’ve chosen a gift that you’d like to donate, let us know by signing the sheet next to the tree. You can then return the wrapped gift and original ornament to the box below the tree by Wednesday, December 14 when the program comes to a close.

This is a wonderful opportunity to show your children the gift of giving while your generosity and kindness will go a long way to help each of these families have a Merry Christmas. If you have any questions, please call Allison McCroskey at 626-796-6364.

Thank you for helping make a difference this Christmas!

Allison McCroskey
Scholarship Chair

We are decorating our classrooms for a very special Christmas party to which all parents (and grandparents) are invited. Please bring your child to the classroom at 10:30am on the day of your child’s party.  All Tu/Th classes and Mrs. Brown’s Class will celebrate on Thursday, December 15th (no school for Mrs. Talbot’s class or M/W/F classes).  All M/W/F classes and Mrs. Talbot’s Class will celebrate on Friday, December 16th (no school for Mrs. Brown’s Class.

Please let your child’s teacher know if you will be bringing grandparents so we can put out enough chairs in the classrooms.  This is a special party for your child so we ask that siblings do not attend if possible.

Thank you so much for helping to make this year’s Book Fair a wonderful success! Proceeds from the event continue to grow, and we thank you so much for shopping again this year. Our school directly benefits from all of our holiday purchases. We are happy to report that the Teacher’s Wish List tables were cleared out, so the classrooms will be re-stocked with all the incredible books and toys that our teachers chose. Thank you! The children had a wonderful time visiting with our guest author, Kevin Tseng – hearing him read his book and watching him illustrate a huge apple (complete with shutters and a pie-eating worm!). We are deeply appreciative of your support for this event. A very special thank you to the volunteers who rang, wrapped, and wrangled the books this year:

Ginger Bercaw
Mary Buckley
Nikki Darakananda
Claire Hart
Molly Hollingsworth
Annabel Hom
Sharon Lu
Michelle McBryde
Colleen McGuiness
Natalie O’Connor
Hong Yoon Plurad
Jiji Park
Maren Pellant
Brenda Salinas
Erin Shearin
Carrie Walker

AND thank you to the glorious Nancy Swanson for her unwavering leadership and support!

Cynthia Chylinski and Shiraz Fagan
Book Fair Chairs

Thank you to Maren Hocker and Leah Schildknecht from Mrs. Randall’s Tuesday/Thursday class for the very special winter wonderland window display!

Gobble, gobble! Thank you to all the families that brought holiday cookies and napkins to celebrate Thanksgiving!  The children always enjoy cookie day and are looking forward to the Christmas class parties. A special thanks to:

The Ward Family (Group 1)
The McBryde Family (Group 2)
The Copeland Family (Group 3)
The Tsai Family (Group 4)
The Walker Family (Group 5)
The Carruthers Family (Group 6)
The Plurad Family (Group 7)

Colleen McGuinness
Nutrition Chair