Campus Beautification

Campus Rejuvenation

Since 1953, the San Marino Community Church Nursery School has been committed to nurturing and shaping the lives of our young children.  From its inception, it was established that the Nursery School would be a place of joy and laughter where children leave well prepared for kindergarten and having reached their potential for social and emotional development. As a supporter of the Nursery School, you have personally seen this mission come to fruition with marked success.

Our Campus Beautification project is well underway. Our goal is to provide outdoor learning environments and gardening stations throughout the existing outdoor spaces at Nursery School. When children are in natural settings, it is reported that they are more relaxed, focused, engaged, cooperative, creative and happy. Extended time outdoors fosters feelings of empathy for nature- the first step toward developing environmental stewards of all of the great gifts God has given us.

We would love for you to partner with us to make this dream a reality. Any donation will make a great impact, and will have a lasting effect on the lives of the many children who will enjoy and learn in this space in the years to come. Nursery School students, Sunday School and VBS Children as well, will have access to the space and learning opportunities it will provide.

We would be honored if you would partner with us to bring this vision to completion. Donations toward the Campus Beautification Project may be sent to the church office with the indication “Nursery School Beautification.” For gifts received by June 2016, donors will be recognized in the San Marino Community Church and the San Marino Community Church Nursery School newsletters (Please note on the donation check if you do not wish to be listed).

Thank you for your support!

To Donate:
Please send a check payable to:       San Marino Community Church
In the memo please include:             Nursery School Beautification

Please mail the check to:
San Marino Community Church
1750 Virginia Road
San Marino, CA  91108