August, 2011

Dear SMCCNS families,

School is just around the corner.  Our roof was replaced, construction is complete, and our classrooms are ready for the kids. By now you should have received your fall information packet. If not, please contact the school immediately.  In the envelope is lots of wonderful information including your teacher’s name, your classroom number, an invitation to our Fall Coffee, dates for our fall class coffees, and forms to be filled out and returned on the first day of school.

As a reminder, our first day for all 5-Day classes and M/W/F classes is Wednesday, September 14.  All Tu/Th classes begin on Thursday, September 15.  On your first day, please remember to bring the following:

  1. Permanent File Card
  2. Emergency Release Form
  3. Transportation Release Form
  4. A complete change of clothes (all clothes labeled with your child’s name) in a labeled plastic bag
  5. A photo of your child to display in the classroom

The start of school can be exciting, thrilling, scary, and overwhelming.  Let’s work together to make it the best experience possible for our children. If you need any “first day advice,” please do not hesitate to reach out to moms you know at SMCCNS or to our director, Nancy Swanson. We are here for you as much as for your children.

We hope you had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to hearing all squeals of delight and smiles of joy in just a few weeks!


Carrie Walker

Your SMCC Newsletter Chair