Parent Participation


The Nursery School believes in communicating regularly with parents and provides an array of opportunities for parents to appreciate the development of their children. Fall Class Coffees and Fall and Spring School Coffees provide important information about curriculum, school policies, and procedures. Each parent observes his or her child for a half an hour in November. There is a scheduled conference with the teacher in the spring. A parent may request additional observations and conferences by making arrangements with the Director.

  1. Coffees. A parent from each family is expected to attend the Nursery School’s Fall and Spring Coffees and the class coffees of each child attending the school. Class coffees are held in private homes in the fall. Both parents are, of course, welcome at all coffees.
  2. Observations and Parent/Teacher Conferences. A parent is expected to observe his/her child at a scheduled observation time in November. Parents are welcome to observe their children at other times as well with or without an appointment Parent/teacher conferences are held in the spring, but parents may also schedule additional conferences at other times during the school year, if desired.
  3. Christmas Parties. Parents and children are invited to a special school party (no siblings, please). Children and families will meet in the classroom, go together to the church sanctuary for songs and a brief Christmas message from the pastor of the church and return to the classroom for cookies and milk. See calendar for date and time of this event.
  4. Fathers’ Day. Fathers (or, if a child’s father is unable to attend, another special relative or friend) and children spend a special Saturday morning at the Nursery School (no siblings, please). See calendar for date and time of this event.
  5. Fun Fair. A special end-of-the-year morning of planned activities for parents and Nursery School children to share (no siblings, please). See calendar for time and date.
  6. Room Parents. Two parents from each class will have the opportunity to serve as room parents. They will be responsible for personal contact with other parents in the class regarding class coffees, fathers’ day, observation and conference reminders and assist with the Spring Coffee. Room parents will work with the Window Coordinator to decorate the window in the entrance way once a year. The teacher may ask the room parents for special help from time to time as well.
  7. Snack. Each family brings the nutritional snack twice a year. Please sign up at the Fall Coffee or with the Nutrition Chairperson (See “Nutrition” below for more information.
  8. Christmas Wish List. This is an opportunity to make a donation to the Nursery School for special items which are not covered by the yearly budget. Envelopes will be available and there will be a special receptacle in which to place checks. Checks will go directly to the Treasurer for deposit. A “thank you” letter will be sent to each family participating. Donations are appreciated and will be used for special events, classroom furniture, equipment, playground improvements, computer updates for the office, etc.
  9. Other Opportunities. Parents are invited to come to school and share their talents, cultural traditions, etc. Arrangements can be made with each child’s teacher or the Director in this regard. The Nursery School Board is comprised of parents of children currently attending the school. See Nursery School Board for more information.