Meet our Staff

San Marino Community Church Nursery School is staffed by a Director and teachers who are trained and experienced in Early Childhood Education. A maximum student-teacher ratio of 7:1 is in effect.

Jane Walker, Director

Jane WalkerWelcome to the San Marino Community Church Nursery School! We are very pleased that you have chosen to consider our school for your child’s early childhood experience. At SMCCNS, we aim to guide and support the development of the whole child – socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically – through a developmentally appropriate curriculum. We know that children learn through play, exploration, and collaboration. At SMCCNS, our stimulating classrooms offer a wide variety of hands-on materials which children utilize independently, individually and in small groups, under the guidance of our well-prepared teachers. Here, you will find children busily engaged in a variety of experiences- from sharing their favorite books to measuring tree trunks in the play yard. Our play-based curriculum may look like a lot of fun to a visitor—and it is. We invite you to take a tour and see what is happening at SMCCNS.

Tours may be arranged by calling the school at (626) 282-4186. Jane may be reached by email at


Assistant Teachers

Yoga and Parent n Me Teacher

To facilitate adult-child interaction and constructive activity among children, the teaching staff ratio is typically 1:6 for Tuesday/Thursday three year olds, 1:7 for Monday/Wednesday/Friday three year olds, and 1:8 for all five day four/five year old classes. This means two teachers in every group. These ratios are maintained during all hours of operation, including indoor time and outdoor time. To minimize transitions, each class is scheduled outdoor times so that they only go to the play yards with their own class. Each class stays together whether inside or outside. This ensures superior supervision outdoors as well as indoors and allows the teachers and the children to really get to know each other over the nine months that they are together. This also gives the teacher opportunity to work one on one of in small groups with children during the morning.